The Pharmaceutical industry depends on the ultrapure water produced with advanced reverse osmosis technologies for much of its research, development and pharmaceutical production. From vaccines and antibiotics to laboratory practices, it is critical that the water used is absolutely free from contaminants and other impurities that can be harmful to medications and patients. The health — and often the lives — of patients depend on the most pure ingredients in their treatments and in the production of those treatments. Only ultrapure water offers the level of purity required in the critical work performed in the life sciences.

Just a few of the many applications of ultrapure water are vaccine development and production, intravenous fluids, dialysis centers and pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical research and production laboratories.
Ultra filtration technology is also crucial in the mixing process for drugs. Even the smallest level of impurity in the water can alter the intended action of pharmaceutical ingredients. Ensuring that the water is pure prevents unintended chemical reactions between pharmaceutical compounds used during the mixing process. Impurities in the finished pharmaceutical product can be costly to patients and to manufacturers.

Protein purification or separation, a common biopharmaceutical requirement, depends on reverse osmosis water technology. Proteins are separated in life sciences laboratories for preventative and analytical purposes. Ultrapure water is also necessary in a multitude of other laboratory testing protocols, where any impurity in the water can alter the results.

While ultrapure water supports the requirements of the Pharmaceutical industry for the research, development and production of drugs and other treatments, it also provides a cost savings, by improving the efficiency and longevity of laboratory and production equipment.
The use of reverse osmosis water technology in the life sciences industry is a critical quality and safety consideration for drugs, vaccines and other compounds that are researched, developed, tested and manufactured. Ensuring the highest quality water is as important for patients as it is for manufacturers.