Parts & Components

Sediment Depth Cartridges
• Manufactured from 100% pure Polypropylene
• Graded density for higher dirt holding capacity

Our Sedimnet cartridge’s coreless design is an economical solution to pre-filtration for many applications. They are used widely as pre-filtration for RO systems and post-filtration for GAC filters. They are also used in applications such as ice machines, film processing, beverage, coffee, analytical, wineries, and many others.


• Thermally bonded Polypropylene
• Superior filtration performance
• Polypropylene center core for added strength

Bonded Depth Cartridges are specially designed thermally bonded Polypropylene filters that provide superior filtration performance. Bonded Depth Cartridges utilize a durable Polypropylene center core for increased strength and structural integrity.
Have fine grooves on the outside of the filter for increased surface area and will not impart color, taste and odor on the liquid being filtered. Bond cartridges produce consistent flow rates and have no fiber release, making them ideal for food and beverage applications.

Absolute Rated Filters
• Double layer structure, absolute rated
• Thermal bonded end caps and connectors free of any binders
• End connections fit most standard housings

ABSOLUTE RATED PLEATED FILTERS are Absolute rated filters. Made from 100% pure Polypropylene. They offer a longer service life and contain no binders, adhesives or surfactants for use with wide compatibility of fluids. With their exceptional solids holding capacity, precise micron ratings and their double layered sheets of media they provide absolute particle retention and long service life.