Systems & Equipments

Ultraviolet technology can be used for water disinfection as well other liquids and air. Ultraviolet (UV) light represents a powerful technology that has been successfully deployed in several diverse industries such as pharmaceutical, semiconductor, power generation, food and beverage, cosmetics, aquaculture, and healthcare for several decades. While the most common application of UV radiation in water treatment is disinfection, its powerful energy can also be harnessed for other applications such as TOC (Total Oxidizable Carbon) reduction, ozone destruction, and chlorine/ chloramines destruction.

Ultraviolet system is a unique and rapid method of water disinfection without the use of heat or chemicals to effectively destroy bacteria, virus, mold& algae. Ultraviolet treatment is a widely recognized and proven method of disinfection of water and has several advantages over other disinfection methods such as chlorination, ozonation, etc…; UV light doesn’t add anything to water nor generate any harmful byproducts. UV disinfection requires only a fraction of the contact time required by other disinfection methods.

It is Fast Efficient Effective Economical and Environmental-Friendly.   

Drinking water
Food industry
Medical facility water 
Cosmetic processes
Electronic component rinsing

Features & Benefits
• UV lamps life time 9000 hours
• Compact units require minimum space, simple installation and maintenance
• LED lamp out indicator
• Compact design with 304 or 316 Stainless Steel reactor chamber, polished for laboratory and medical use
• A natural quartz sleeve to protect the lamp and allow the maximum amount of UV rays to penetrate and disinfect the water.